Comments Policy

It’s pretty simple, really. I’d like the blog to be a source of lively discussion (it’s “open mic”, no email is required to submit a comment) but for this to work and for your comments to be approved:

– Be civil, always. Debate’s awesome, but take the snark too far – even if I secretly agree with you – and your comments will never see the light of day. Clear ad hominem stuff is obviously out-of-bounds.

– Be sourced. I’ve been around forums enough to know when someone’s talking bunk.

– Be honest. I’ve been around forums enough to know when someone keeps moving the goalposts.

– Be brief, whenever possible.

– Be reasonable. Everyone has the right to their opinion, but at my blog, ad nauseam is out of bounds. I have a pretty decent eye for broken records.

One other thing. Because management can be capricious and unreasonable (though making every attempt to be decently fair), comments are subject to moderation or non-approval at any time for pretty much any reason (advertising (though, well, there’s not much of an audience to be found here), harassment, etc.).


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