Commentary Archive

In case of extreme boredom. Or, in case you need some reading to fall asleep.

Every now and then I’ll type up something other than, say, an AAPL technicals post or my quarterly (so far) AAPL earnings previews.

I’ve “archived” some of these posts in this section (separated by month).

Jul 2014

At the Intersection of Apple Financials and Rumors: iPhone 6 is Incredibly Unlikely to Launch in October or Later. Here’s Why.

Apple + IBM, Part 4

The $5 Billion Per Quarter “Parlor Game”: Guessing Mac Unit Sales

Is Tim Cook Really a “Peacetime CEO”?

An Abbreviated History of Samsung Electronics’ Recent Financial Results (calendar Q2 2013 through Q2 2014 guidance) 

Late-to-the-Party Thoughts on Apple 3.0′s Prospects, “Part 1″: Old News, Substantial Remaining Opportunity

Jun 2014

My Thoughts Circa November 2011 – Apple’s Steadiest of Steady Hands

May 2014

Quick Thoughts on Why Apple Fights Its ‘Losing’ IP Battle With Samsung

Mar 2014

Is It A Bit Early to Define iPhone Success or Failure on China Mobile After One Month’s Worth of Data?

Jan 2014

The Journey of 1,000 Miles

Nov 2013

All-Important Black Friday Not So Important for iPad mini retina? Plus a Non-Expert Note on Apple Product Launches

Sep 2013

iPhone 5S and 5C First Impressions

A Quick Note on Xiaomi

Jul 2013

Now That’s Thinking Long-Term – An “Unintended Consequence” of Apple’s Buybacks?

Jun 2013 (The AAPL Tree’s launch month!)

Lazy Sunday Musings: Can Apple “Thrive” in 2013? Plus, a Sort of AAPL Tree Mission Statement

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