About + “Disclaimer”

Hi there.  Here’s a little info on me, your humble correspondent.

I’ve been trading AAPL for over a decade (doesn’t mean I’m any good at it) and used Apple products longer than that (though I’m a dual Mac/Windows user). I’m long AAPL stock and probably will be for the foreseeable future, in case that matters. I’m “impossibly biased” after all. 😛

I’ve actively followed Apple and its products for around a decade, and started getting into home gamer AAPL quarterly estimates several quarters ago.

After having been at this a little while, I find myself one of the few bloggers who look at Apple news, AAPL technicals and AAPL fundamentals with a side of tech commentary here and there.  So, yep, it’s a bit of everything, sometimes more of one type than the others.

To hammer the point home yet again, I make no claim of expertise to anything I write, though I endeavor to be as accurate and objective as I can.  Which isn’t to say I won’t express opinion – you’ll see it from a mile away.

As far as the AAPL side of things, I make absolutely no claim to being “any good” at navigating the markets or understanding the company’s financials, product/business trends, etc.  Nothing I say should be construed as investment or trading or market-related advice, and be sure to always do your own due diligence if you decide to invest or trade.

Lately posts to the blog are sporadic with the amusing exception of the hardest-for-me-to-do quarterly earnings previews – I haven’t missed one since this blog started in June 2013. I’m usually quite active on Twitter @AAPLTree, since tweets are much easier to publish than blog posts. 😀

Hope you enjoy the site.  Comments and suggestions are always appreciated!  (And anything that isn’t constructive will be gleefully ignored.)

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