I’ve more or less moved to Apple News

(And here’s where you can go to visit the channel (requires iOS device in or set to US, UK or Australia for now), and hopefully add the ‘Tree to your roster of favorite channels: https://t.co/IWseKSCmDV )

The transition’s more or less complete, and I’m now able to post in “native” News format. I certainly wouldn’t have minded updating both this blog and the Apple News channel at the same time, but that apparently is impossible in the WordPress Free context – and I don’t have any current plans to “hire” a web host + get WordPress Regular + Apple News plug-in.

Well, not yet anyway. One thing at a time for this humble blogger.

For those dozen or so loyal readers, some of whom may not have an iOS device or be in an area where it’s practical to access Apple News, I apologize, but it’s difficult for me to “port” my Apple News posts back to WordPress. Basically it only kinda works on text. Hyperlinks and images have to be imported manually. The TL;DR blog syndrome I suffer from 😰 doesn’t help any.

And, believe it or not, when the post content or gravitational pull of the moon or the day is right, I bring in way more Apple News readers than I ever did WordPress readers.

So even though I feel WordPress is a better blogging platform overall, it’s really a no-brainer for me, in terms of getting readership anyway, to continue focusing on the News channel for the time being. No seriously, if you only knew how many daily visitors I can now get on a good day, you might straight-up laugh in disbelief. Granted, it’s still not much, but it’s better than the 100-ish visitors I used to get on a very good day in WordPress-land, and that’s when I was posting more regularly.

Hey, if it makes you feel better, I’m getting just about zero “advertising revenue” from this “iOS-only” experiment. Yeah, I kinda wish Apple News was compatible with the desktop Web too. Alas.

The blog isn’t going anywhere, but, just wanted to let you know where the new stuff’s moved to. As always, thanks for reading.


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