Apple’s Taiwan Revenues 2012-2014(+?) A “Small” But Fascinating Piece of the Revenue Puzzle

“Minor World Exclusive” 😛 / Did You Know?(tm)

Apple has given out annual revenue data for Taiwan for the past three fiscal years.

At least I’m quite sure it did.

I found this data basically by accident (hint: it’s a little scattered), and yet once I found it, I very quickly knew what it was. For my next super-annoying puzzle: Guess how. 😉 Yes, you can find it too, it’s all there, in the “hiding in plain sight” category. No shoe leather required, in journo-speak. It was all there for a few months, it was just waiting to be found.


Based on the very few data points, seems Taiwan revenue grew around 11.6% year-to-year in FY 2013, and 13.5% YOY for FY 2014. Taiwan sales crossed the $1B mark in FY 2013, presumably for the first time. Good, steady business in that country, apparently, and Apple has had a presence in Taiwan for some years now.

Will Apple “provide” Taiwan annual revenue data once again (in indirect fashion) for fiscal 2015? Seems so given recent reporting methodology. Farther out than that? We’ll see. A very interesting piece of the puzzle, in any case.

There’s two other interesting puzzle pieces to be found, MUCH bigger ones, once you know where to look. More on one of them later, maybe. (I’m workin’ on it.)

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