The Blog Turned Two Today

240 or so posts so far, albeit still very sparsely visited. Not that I’m unaware of the challenges, several self-imposed.

But I shouldn’t sound dour on the blog-iversary. Happy birthday, blog.

A Surface-Level Look at Apple’s “Cash-Trapped” Situation

ADVANCE WARNING: I am not an accountant and don’t play one on the Interwebs TV. This post is subject to correction in case of hilariously bad errors. Though this blog post is intended to be generally objective, note my About + Disclaimer section anyway.

I’m a little too proud of myself for that silly “cash-trapped” pun.

Apple’s cash position (and what to do with it) is a recurring discussion in tech/finance circles, because well just look at all them billions (chart is screencap of Apple’s Investor Relations >> Return of Capital website linked here, green rectangle added by me; click all image thumbnails to view at full resolution)


About $194B cash in hand. $150B net of debt. $22B in the US. $171B held offshore.

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