AAPL Tree at 200 or so (posts): A Brief Reintroduction + Periodic Shameless Readership Appeal

Hi again.

Since I started this home gamer’s look at Apple fundamentals, with some AAPL charting and a bit of tech commentary on the side (back in June 2013), I’ve managed to hit 200 posts (more like 220 if my WordPress counter is correct).

Readership remains sparse as ever (Twitter’s going pretty OK, though!), but I’m well aware of why.

I don’t post daily. I’m relatively new to Twitter and blogging (meaning I’m probably one of 25,000 semi-regularly-blogging Apple watchers). I’m a bit Internet-shy. I wield bad puns. The blog layout is rather basic. It’s hobby-level (see the part about me not posting daily). I’m damn near gleeful (or annoying, or both) in professing my lack of expertise. And, I blog topics of often distinctly niche appeal (such as Apple earnings), sometimes for reasons even I can’t understand.

(Interested in net revenue deferrals? A 3-year look at Apple’s per-geography Retail revenues and operating margins? Comment on Samsung’s chip business? Or a prediction on the nonexistent Apple Pay Web, for instance?)

You guessed it – we’ve reached another little milestone where I thank my readers for reading, then ask for your support.

Per usual (depressingly?), not of the monetary variety. Well-read I am not, and regular hundreds-visitor days would be an absolute joy. Instead, I guess it’s a request for…ego support. 😀

As I’ve said before, these posts take work and motivation. And while they can be “fun” to think through and write up, it helps a ton to know that I have some amount of people who find my posts entertaining, maybe even a bit “useful” as a thought springboard or catalyst to do some independent studying of their own.

There’s a great many days with hardly-any visitors given my infrequent posting schedule – and, very commonly, articles with no comments – and I still wonder how much longer I’ll keep updating. So if you happen to stop by and like what you see (I remain willfully unapologetic about my bad puns, occasional emoticons and conversational style even for the more esoteric topics I take on) – then comments, follows (on Twitter, RSS/e-mail subscriptions, whichever, I lack the capacity to spam), “telling a friend”, retweets, linkbacks and such are always welcome.

See? That wasn’t so bad.

Hopefully my little blog on the Web will see some new and regular visitors by the 250th – maybe 300th post. In the meantime, I’ve already gotten an early start on my eighth consecutive AAPL quarterly earnings preview – the only home gamer’s take on the Internet, for whatever little that’s worth. 😀

Thanks again for reading, and I appreciate the support!

Your Humble Blog Poster,


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