Maybe Don’t Read It All At Once – The Complete $AAPL Home Game Preview Series (“The Maestri Code”) is Up

The 8000-word, 5-part earnings preview series that no one knows or much cares about 😉 is complete! It’s my fifth iteration of the series, so at least I’ve had some practice. 😛

Consolidated links for the following topics (links have also been added to the Archive):

Net income/management guidance for fiscal Q3 preview.

Revenue mix and “bonus” estimate. (TL;DR advisory – 2500+ words)

Operating expenses. (only about 300 words)

Operating margin by revenue geography (except for Retail) and gross margin.

Analyst expectations for fiscal Q3 and the upcoming Q4. (TL;DR advisory – 2500+ words)

As always, comments are more than welcome if you’re interested. You don’t even need an e-mail or account – just an avatar (nickname, whatever) and something to add to the discussion.

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