The AAPL Tree Celebrates Its First Ring!


Yes, you just knew I was gonna do that. It’s thematic!

Still small, still low on visitors, but I suppose growing, if very slowly. As always, if you like what you read enough – subject to all of those home game disclaimers – please feel free to link, retweet, follow me on Twitter, or just tell a friend (just don’t tell them there’s anything resembling actionable/authoritative stuff to be found here, of course :P).

AAPL’s done alright since I started the blog. As of a year ago, AAPL closed a bit under a split-adjusted 57 – about as far away from AAPL’s peak as is possible. So the stock’s made some progress since then. 😉

Since WordPress reminded me, I figured I’d mark the occasion with a quick post and a photo of an apple tree sapling.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see where we are in another year.

(Photo Credit: Janet McKnight, found via Flickr – posted unedited – subject to Creative Commons 2.0 generic license)

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