$AAPL Chart Checkup, 05/27/14 Market Close: “Unfamiliar” Territory

625 and change. Another strong move, on “above-average” volume of around 12M. Wow. What the heck to do now?

If you’re an buy-and-hold AAPL shareholder who bought somewhere south of 600, you might say: “I don’t see a problem here.”

If you’re a trader with a strong opinion: Well, that question obviously isn’t for those already with strong opinions, bullish, bearish or neither. Why are you reading this, anyway? 😉

If you’re a trading-type or someone with AAPL trades just trying to make sense of the monster run from 511 or 524ish or whatever pre-earnings measuring point, you might say: “Tread carefully?” (Seems quite sensible.)

Who knows where AAPL will end up short-term, particularly given the WWDC and 7-for-1 share split Trials of Sentiment™ right around the corner. But if the charts have provided some indirect sort of hints recently…maybe there’s still something of potential use in them now?

Couldn’t hurt to check, right? (Note: Maybe it’s just me but often seems technicals can be “outweighed” by events, so charts might not be “instructive” as we get closer to these events.)

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