$AAPL Chart Checkup, Weekend Edition (5/9/14 Mkt Close) – All Kinds of Mixed Signals

Apple v. Samsung II news – didn’t seem to hurt AAPL’s uptrend.

AAPL going maybe “too far, too fast” considering the record recent upwave of 80 points vs. more like 60 in prior months – maybe that did.

Broader market whipsaws – seemed to blunt further AAPL upside.

Ex-div day – looked to be the nudge bears needed to push AAPL below 590.

Those rumors of Apple in talks with Beats Electronics for a $3.2B acquisition – hard to tell if there was any effect.

And that’s before trying to figure out the technicals! 😀

Tricky to say the least. Well, let’s look at the charts anyway and see what incomplete clues for Monday may be buried within.

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