The AAPL Tree Turns 150 (Posts) and the Periodic Readership Appeal

Y’know, when I first started the AAPL Tree blog last year, I didn’t “see” 50 posts into the future. Blogging stocks is tough stuff for a home gamer.

Then I decided to type about earnings…which didn’t make things any easier.

Then I decided to type about earnings four fiscal quarters in a row, and inexplicably take on the task of kinda sorta beginning to just barely scratch the surface of Apple’s deferred revenue as a bonus (which is strictly about iPhone, iPad and Mac ESP revenue).

And I kept on adding more and more charts. Stock charts, earnings-related charts. I’m not even sure I like charts!

Then, I somehow reached 150 posts. Or at least I’ll count the milestone as met, considering how crazy-long some of my earnings preview posts can get (…for a blog post, anyway).

You guessed it – we’ve reached another milestone where I thank my readers for reading, then ask for your support.

No, not monetary support. Hey, it’s not like I’m anywhere near “read enough” to go independent or on Patreon or something! On the other hand, these posts take work and motivation. And while they can be “fun” to think through and write up, it helps a ton to know that I have some amount of people who find my posts entertaining, if nothing else.

I have to admit, there’s days with not-many visitors – or, very commonly, articles with no comments – and I wonder how much longer I’ll keep updating. So if you happen to stop by and like what I’m writing (yes, I’m sorry about the bad puns, but I’m really not 😀 ), comments, follows (on Twitter, RSS subscriptions, whichever), “telling a friend”, retweets and such are always welcome.

See? That wasn’t so bad.

Hopefully my little blog on the Web will see some new and regular visitors by the 200th post. Should I get there, I’ll probably have already finished up the fifth quarterly installment on my multi-part AAPL home game earnings preview – the only one of its kind on the Internet, for whatever that’s worth.

Thanks again for reading, and I appreciate the support!

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