AAPL Chart Checkup, 5/1/14: Bears Still in the Game, Bulls Still in the Lead

No, not those Bulls…better luck next season. Hey, anything can happen in the brutal crucible of the NBA Playoffs. Kinda like the stock markets, except this full-contact sport goes year-round.

Right…bad puns don’t do my limited readership numbers any favors. 😛

So! While we try to figure out the next major move (translation – the current move is still very much intact) – AAPL didn’t set any new highs, set a new micro-trend low, “defied” a potential shooting star omen with a relatively quiet inside day, and actually ended up slightly green, basically in-line with how the NASDAQ fared. All that and more in 6.5 hours.

Confused yet? I sure am! 😀

And that’s why I always look to the charts to try and make some sense of the day that was – even though it doesn’t (and can’t) “tell” me about what’s just around the corner nearly enough.

(I usually don’t post four charts per post, so expect something more like two after AAPL gives us more to work with, so to speak.)

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