The Complete Oppenheimer Code Earnings Preview Series + AAPL Tree Home Game Estimates For Fiscal Q1 2014 (the December 2013 Quarter) Now Available

In case you missed it, I’ve consolidated all of the links for the my December quarter AAPL earnings preview series right here:

Part 1 – Net income guidance

Part 2 – Potential revenue scenario, working with management guidance – a thought exercise (not my home game estimate)

Part 3 – Operating expenses preview

Part 4 – Operating margin and gross margin preview

Part 5 – (UPDATED 1/25/14) Analyst expectations for fiscal Q4 2013 earnings and fiscal Q1 2014 earnings

The AAPL Tree Home Game Fiscal Q1 2014 Estimates and Wild Guess on Q2 2014 (March Quarter) Guidance

The links are also up in the “AAPL Earnings Previews + Archive” section, where you can also find my Oppenheimer Code articles for the past two quarters.

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