AAPLTalk Late Night, 9/16/13 Market Close: Monday, Monday

The return of the semi-bad semi-puns.  So what was behind today’s bearish action?  Sell the lack of news?  Some butterfly downgrades AAPL (sorry, I mean flaps its wings) in the middle of New York’s Financial District?  Whatever the case, AAPL’s currently in “any excuse” mode.  If it sounds remotely “plausible”, seems you can’t rule it out.

(So maybe I should start holding Apple to increasingly impossible standards.  Call it perma-disappointment.)

Anyway, that First Trial of Sentiment didn’t go so well, as Apple didn’t give out any pre-order numbers.  And it wasn’t terribly likely to happen, considering the lack of pre-ordering (and probably initial supply) for iPhone 5S.

Mark your calendars for Friday the 20th – iPhone launch day – and we’ll revisit the Trials of Sentiment later in the week.

Now for a look at the hourly and daily charts:

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