AAPLTalk Late Night QuickTake, 9/9/13 Market Close: “We’ll Be Back Soon.”

There’s still charts, but commentary will be kept very short, as it might be even less relevant than usual in light of tomorrow’s big iPhone event. 😀

It’s simply too early to call.  There’s the event; reaction during the event; reaction after the event; reaction to iOS 7; iPhone pre-ordering; iPhone launch and initial sales…

And that’s before the pre-earnings interval and maybe even an iPad event, who knows.  Anyway, tomorrow is likely to be a day where technicals won’t mean much (not like technicals can predict future price action, anyway), except maybe day-trading on the shortest of timeframes.  So for tonight, I’m just posting the charts with minimal comment, and maybe we’ll get some better clues later in the week.  Even though I think these “looking back” reads will continue to be significantly tougher right up ’til late October (when Apple should announce its fiscal Q4 results).

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