iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S with a High Chance of Fingerprint Scanning Tech, iOS 7, Everything Else is Just Gravy

And that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Thanks to the very effective Apple rumor/intel information operations across multiple media sources (something Apple may or may not have major problems with, it might also depend on the source), there isn’t much we don’t yet know about the next iPhones, at least as far as the basics go.

iPhone 5C with a bunch of colors.  The rumor consensus appears to be that the iPhone 5 will debut in a revised casing, with the intriguing implication that the venerable A6 SoC will power Apple’s next set of $0 iPhones (where carrier-subsidized, anyway).  Since the A6 is an excellent all-around performer, Apple’s got plenty enough horsepower to make a splash in the slightly-lower-end smartphone space should it choose to go that path.

iPhone 5S – “the boring iPhone”.  We’ll see about that rumored A7, I’m ambivalent about gold, but that fingerprint scanning tech sounds awesome, and potentially the start of a huge paradigm shift in user security.  One-touch/one-swipe autologin to pretty much anything?  The sooner it happens, the better.  I’m not sure how I feel about a login keychain in the iCloud, but I won’t be using iOS 7 for about a couple of weeks yet.  Hat tip to tech reporter/anchor Clayton Morris for being the first and only person, AFAIK, to specifically identify the “silver ring around the Home button” feature that Apple decided to “corroborate” in the Apple media invite you can see in any number of Mac/tech sites now.  Count on Authentec tech finding its way into (or alongside) every iPad and at least MacBook going forward if this takes off.

Throw in iOS 7, and that all I need to be reassured of Apple’s iPhone prospects for the fall harvest.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S with a High Chance of Fingerprint Scanning Tech, iOS 7, Everything Else is Just Gravy

  1. Nice collection of thoughts. And while people are salivating about all this “phone stuff” there is little being said about iPad, Mac Pro, iWatch or even Mavericks. Their time will come after this little distraction

    • Of course, this phone stuff is Apple’s biggest business by not even a little. To me and much of WS, this is THE headliner event for the next 9-12 months, though I’m very much looking forward to everything else in the pipeline, including a possible (?) retina iPad mini.

      I’m aware there might be a bit of sarcasm in your post, Rez. 😀

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