A Slightly Different Approach to Future Posts: Still Humble, Less Broken Record

So I realized that there are limits to even my patience with all the disclaimers. 😀

It’s in my blog logo (which I might reword in the future since the current focus is much more on AAPL than Apple). It’s in the “About + Disclaimer” link. We’re all adults here (but a hello to the younger readers just in case!). And the regular readers by now know better than to interpret any reads or “for fun” predictions of mine as actionable advice.

Going forward I’ll try to be cutting down on the self-deprecation and repeated disclaimers within each post, but don’t worry, I remain your humble correspondent.  Maybe a bit more confident-sounding since I’ve typed a few dozen posts, but otherwise no difference.  I’ll just be saving some keystrokes and hopefully delivering more direct and concise content moving forward. And if it saves you guys some aggravation, which is also an intended benefit of the slight change, then great!

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