Looks like we finally have our new iPhone media event date – September 10. Also, AAPL Tree turns 50 (posts)!

Might have to revise my iPhone announcement countdown timer, since the WSJ’s sources are quite solid when they have definite dates like these, and Jim Dalrymple should be weighing in on this report by tomorrow if not sooner.  Here’s the report via MacRumors:  http://www.macrumors.com/2013/08/10/apple-to-unveil-next-generation-iphone-on-september-10/

Interesting implications for Monday’s trading.  And for me personally as an iPhone owner, something to look forward to in addition to iOS 7.

WordPress tells me this is my 50th post.  So to the small group of folks that’ve been reading and hopefully finding this multi-topic AAPL/Apple blog interesting, thanks for following along!