AAPLTalk, 8/7/13 Market Close: Divvying Up Dividend Doubt

Don’t mind me, I guess I kinda like groan-inducing blog post titles.  😀

But it does reflect some of what I’m feeling.  If I remember correctly, the NASDAQ will reprice AAPL less the $3.05/share dividend tomorrow, Ex-Div Day (meaning the last day to be dividend-eligible was today).  If the NASDAQ doesn’t, the market certainly will.  Just what we need amidst all these levels, but hey.

Starting with the daily chart today:


Yup, AAPL “lost” the upper price channel trendline and is on the borderline of the accelerated trendline.  YMMV, but personally, my focus is fairly micro for now.  I’ll try and adjust for the $3.05 dividend tomorrow when it’s priced in; until then, I’ll just look at the upper daily BB, the two trendlines crossing by around market close Friday, and the still-rising EMA-8 (headed for a “non-div-adjusted” 460 very soon, it would appear).  Nothing major going on, with AAPL down all of 27 cents today.  Well, the lower daily BB is hooking upward a bit now, which seems constructive from a price support standpoint.


Looking at the hourly, things look a bit different as we approach that convergence.  Potential micro bear flag?  It’s tough to say, because of the divvy factor.  On the other hand, there’s also AAPL potentially resolving the hourly chart volatility squeeze with a slight bias to the downside (being under mid-channel on that timeframe at present).  MACD-h showing a bit of bullish divergence is nice, but nothing decisive yet.

Hardly a need to get too wordy over a sideways trading day before a significant event like ex-div.  Maybe there’ll be more clues after Thursday trading.

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