“Don’t Scare Me Like That”: Mansfield’s no longer a SVP, but he’s still at Apple

Credit to Reuters’ Poormina Gupta, apparently the first to break the news as to exactly why Mansfield’s bio was unceremoniously dropped from Apple’s executive bios page.

Did you know there’s programs that check for changes like this, by the way?  I didn’t until today.

Mansfield certainly seems capable of leading teams to create quality hardware if recent Macs and iOS devices are any indication.  So it’s good to hear he’s still with the company, though hopefully Monday will bring slightly more detail than “working on special projects reporting to Cook”.  Not counting on it, but it would be nice – it’s a little more “worrisome” when an SVP gets “demoted” vs. when a former Apple employee returns to the company in that “special projects” role (Paul Deneve).


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