When Inferences Turn Into Fact

“The Samsung Galaxy S4 has sold well, but analysts worry the market might be saturated.”

Now the first half of that statement is very likely true. Samsung’s impressive (yet “disappointing”) YOY profit increase is most likely attributable in large part to a richer overall revenue mix of higher-margin smartphones, of which the S4 (series) is the clear flagship. But, y’know, Samsung’s been about as specific about Galaxy S4 unit sales lately as Amazon’s been with their Kindle/Kindle Fire sales.

What’s that? Amazon doesn’t give out Kindle unit sales? Exactly.

I guess reports of shipments (vs. company-supplied data on unit sales, sell-in, sell-through or otherwise) will have to do. And hey, 20 million shipped is a milestone of some kind, even if “shipped” doesn’t necessarily mean actually sold. A quick press release to mark the occasion would be fine as official company data…why stop at a media report of a Samsung executive confirming…another…media report?

Alas, _actual_ data on the S4 is quitedifficult to quantify without an apples-to-apples comparison. ¹ But hey, let’s give the multi-national $180B+ mega-conglomerate (and that’s just the electronics arm) the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

¹ Maybe a couple of you Apple/Samsung observers noticed what I did there.

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