The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple (aka “The Beard”) Addresses an Apple Rumor

For the first time in a while. And it’s a “nope”. Given The Beard’s perfect record – consider that rumor 100% debunked.

Why wasn’t WS all that upset, if they were even paying attention at all? Well, Sep. 6 is still a bit early for Fall. And an actual launch on Sep. 6 implies pre-ordering 10 days or so before the launch, which implies an Apple media event some days before that, which implies a media invite at least a few days to a week before that. Before you know it, we’re in mid-August or so with Apple media invite news.

Then there’s that whole “iOS 7 needs to get done and released a few days before the new iPhones” deal, too.

So maybe Dalrymple can “yep” more solid intel that might put the actual first-stage launch of the new iPhones more like mid/late September.

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