Pardon Me While I Meta-Moderate This a Bit

Not like he cares or even notices, but no, I’m not picking on Mr. Frommer, his is just one of the first earnings articles I’ve read.

You mean…”Apple’s Transitional, Lower-ASP-Revenue Mix, Seasonality-Disrupted-iPad Q3 2013 In Charts”?

Hmm…not _entirely_ there…but a fair bit more accurate than the headline, at least.

No question that revenues are kinda flat.  No question that earnings are down year over year.  No question Apple’s in a “rough patch” as far as growing the business.  On the other hand, Apple is making absolutely all the right moves in this transitional period…considering its tremendous product logjams from last year…impossible gross margin compares from the prior year…and supertanker-speed-seeming turns towards better financial results clarity juxtaposed against the substantial change in guidance methodology from just six months ago.

If that sounds a bit like “damning with faint praise”…that’s because it is a bit like that, in fact.

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