Apple Product Rumors, Part 20,000: The Intersection of Potentially Solid Product Intel and Common Sense

Let’s start here:

Let’s assume for fun that the iPhone 5S will be delayed due to the infamous production constraints that always pop up like clockwork, every, single, year. Thankfully, this time we’re looking at late September for Apple’s bread-and-butter flagship iPhone. A couple weeks of delay isn’t the biggest deal in the world.

But let’s assume “iPhone go” (as I like to call it) is ready a couple of weeks earlier.

So…launch iPhone go first and iPhone 5S or whatever later?

Why would Apple want to launch the “lesser” iPhone before the newest iPhone, if the original plan was presumably to launch the two at the same time? Is Apple so desperate for sales that it’ll potentially hamper demand for the flagship? The calculus gets even trickier if iPhone go happens to have more than one price point.

Let’s now assume for fun that iPad 5 is on schedule, but iPad mini “isn’t”. Does anyone seriously think Apple doesn’t have contingency plans? Or that Apple will delay THE most popular iPad by not launching a new iPad mini at least once a year?

And while Ming-Chi Kuo has a pretty decent overall history of predictions and supply chain sources, it’s hard to believe that Apple hasn’t “mastered” the Retina Display just yet. It’s had them since June 2010 (iPhone 4), it’s probably been working with them before that point, it’s made even bigger Retina Displays since then (2880×1800, anyone?), and it’s had a 2048×1536 Retina Display to “shrink down” since March 2012.

Last but not least, a quick comment about iPhone go. A $450-550 iPhone 5-based iPhone doesn’t have to be the only “cheaper option”. The A5 would still be expected to be in play as SoC behind the “$0 iPhone” this year, and A5 + current-gen Retina Display are clearly able to be paired together. There’s that common sense thing again. If Apple is trying to reach the lower end of the market, the venerable iPhone 5 hardware isn’t the only option that’s available for this year.

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