AAPLTalk, 7/1/13 (After Market Close): Gap and Go…on Without Me

A pleasant surprise in some ways, and not in others. (Sure woulda been nice to have bought all-in weeklies on Friday. Oh well, 20/20 hindsight!)

The IHS measuring to 410…might have triggered?

AAPL holding the upper range was constructive in my uneducated opinion, and the gap up (398-ish to 401-ish) was never in danger, which is refreshing (but also puts a new gap to watch in play should AAPL lose momentum short-term).

So now it’s looking like 419 or so above, call it 401-ish below as the two most obvious upside/downside reference points.

Does AAPL have more than a 2-day oversold bounce left in it? Will the shortened trading day tomorrow, even the shortened trading week provide any good clues? The technicals on the daily that I track (BBs, MACD-h, RSI, trendlines) don’t seem to be hinting at anything yet; maybe a “mere” two-day bounce wouldn’t tend to show much on that timeframe anyway. But it was a nice day, so the bulls have that going for them. On to Tuesday.

AAPLTalk, Mid-Day

My “favorite” kind of day. A gap-up ABOVE a reference level.

Anyway, that IHS does seem to have triggered, in retrospect.

Can AAPL keep it together this time? Was an iWatch trademark and some not-terrible global economic data enough? Stay tuned!