AAPLTree Weekend: “Quick hits” on Apple news and rumors.

Green iPhone?

Sure, I can go with that.  That plastic film over the alleged rear case obscures the full radioactive lime effect though, so let’s reserve judgment on that maybe-color.  If the CheapPhone is for real, I think we can trust Ive’s team and whoever else decides color choices at Apple to cobble together a pleasing palette for consumers. >>> (via MacRumors)

TSMC supplying Apple chips (I mean, SoCs) next year or so?

Sweet.  Diversification is always good, particularly when you’re as big a business as Apple is.  Meanwhile, Samsung certainly seems to be going its own way with the “stock” big.LITTLE ARM Cortex-A15/A7 combo with the dual-quad-core Exynos 5 SoC.  So as long as Samsung keeps delivering on Apple’s specifications as it always has (having a premier screen/RAM/flash/chip foundry componentry division), I have no reason to believe the supply chain side of the equation will be any less smooth than last year.

Besides, my guess is Apple won’t go to any more than 4 CPU cores for the Apple A7 generation.  Who knows, it might even stay at a “mere” dual-core if there’s enough performance to be found there.  “Not as much as competing Android products” certainly fits the “Apple is doomed” narrative lately.  Heh. >>> (via MacRumors)

Er, glowy Apple logo home button on one or more future iDevices?

I’m guessing…no.  Complexity, “garishness”, power consumption, “hello stranger I own an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad if it wasn’t already obvious enough, is that ‘mug me’ target on my back showing?”.

And if it somehow did happen, even as an unlit outline?  Then there’s some troubling evidence that Jony Ive is turning over the design reins to…Marketing (/iOS 7 rumor reference).  Consider me a skeptic for now – if iOS 7 takes some training wheels off, why slap ’em back on and “simplify” the simplest of Home buttons? >>> (via MacDailyNews)

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