As the first half of 2013 draws to a close…

Apple’s quietest half-year (that I can remember, anyway) concludes as well.

Leaving out an iBookstore launch here and launch of pre-existing product in Greater China there, we’ve got:

• A higher-capacity, 128GB edition of the iPad 4

• A 1136×640, current-gen Retina display 16GB iPod touch (can anyone say, harbinger of the CheapPhone™?)***

• Haswell-powered, power-sipping MacBook Airs

• 802.11ac AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule (aw, no Airport Express update)

• And promises of OS X Mavericks, the second-gen Mac Pro, and iOS 7 at WWDC, two of which are due sometime in the Fall, the other – TBA.

So really, it’s one new (refreshed) MacBook (Air) (yes, with Haswell and 802.11ac and PCI-based flash storage, but it’s not as if most pundits or Wall Street cares about those “unimportant” details), and two new 802.11ac routers.  As I said – quiet.  That second one is actually pretty intriguing as far as later in the year goes (standardizing on 1136×640 Retina + Lightning), but still, as a derivation of the current-gen iPod touch it’s not exactly new.

Before one turns the page or just plain closes the book on Apple/AAPL, though, that “second half” – maybe even the “fourth quarter”, aka Fall 2013 – probably should be evaluated first.

“Mistakes were made” by Apple?  Well let’s just say it’s doubtful Apple management thinks the 2013 product cadence is optimal, their good point about “it takes time…” aside.

And it’s also doubtful Apple’s choice of announcing its massive $100B by end of 2015 capital return plan alongside “not so great” fiscal Q2 2013 earnings was by accident.

But hey, stay tuned. If you like, anyway. I will.

***”CheapPhone” – my nickname for the fabled cheaper iPhone, whatever form it takes.

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