Random musings on iOS 7 being some part intentional or convenient “platform defense” (the short version)


Differentiation and freshness are always important to consumers.  And Apple playing to its strengths and keeping ahead of the competition are things it has every right to do.

Apple’s “done worse” than this.  Compared to OS 9 >> OS X or PPC >> Intel, I’m guessing this is relatively painless for developers.  Maybe even exciting.  If, for instance, developers can leverage Control Center and convince Apple to add functionality, such as (a) customizable quick-launch buttons or (b) allowing Control Center to have some app-specific functionality while in that app.

Consumers are sophisticated – enough to not like Maps, and rightfully point out the deficiencies in Siri.  In the end they determine iOS 7’s success, and they’ll see through anything in iOS 7 that isn’t to their benefit.  And developers have a good three months or so to tell Apple exactly what they think about iOS 7’s new coding, APIs, conventions, obfuscations?, or whatever – it’s in Apple’s best interest to listen to what they have to say.

Oh, and before I forget – if iOS 7, what about Windows 8?

(Longer-form version may follow.)