A New Apple iOS Harvest Season?

So iPad starts life as a Spring (April 2010) launch.

The cadence continues fairly predictably with iPad 2 in March 2011 and iPad 3 (A5X SoC-based, Retina) about a year later.

Then Tim Cook declares Apple’s keeping its foot on the gas pedal, launching iPad “4” (A6X-based) in early November 2012, interrupting that previous cadence.

Here we are in Summer 2013, and…nothing iPad so far.

While it’s true that Apple’s A-series chips are being increasingly customized for the 9.7″ iPad and iPhone line (due to display requirements), and it’s safe to say the A7/A7X takes some time to develop, one wonders if Apple hasn’t decided to tie iPhone AND iPad to new iOS releases now, where it was just iPhone before.

Like anything, there’s benefits and risks to that approach.  I don’t think Apple wants a reputation as the company where Not Much Happens for the entire first half of every year.  It’ll be some time before we can better evaluate how Apple extricates itself from that relative product logjam from last year, where iPhone 5 was only the beginning of Apple’s massive product turnover.

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